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3.4.2) I sometimes get this dialog when trying to save a file: Eclipse can't save my file while it is building "in the background"? Nota bene, I am not talking about .project files or other stuff the whole build could depend upon, it's also true for simple resources or even documentation files! This is a modal dialog, which means I have to wait for minutes until build is complete or at least in a state where Eclipse thinks it can save the file.

There are some entries in various issue databases telling me that I'm right.

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The Eclipse Link Product is made up of OSGi bundles.

In this post, you’ll learn how to ensure that your Java app is using the latest version of any managed dependency.

If you’re using Maven to build your app, you probably also use static version numbers in your library.

I'm using a Maven project that I import with Intelli J.

For the most part, Intellij seems to do a great job of keeping up with POM changes and updating dependencies. Being on a project where some people use Intellij and others use Eclipse, I'm trying to have instructions for folks to get up to speed that involve as little IDE specific steps as possible. Is the only fix to modify the module dependencies by hand?

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