Educated dating uneducated

Apart from a few plays of Shakespeare nobody gave me anything good to read until I was a sophomore in college.

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The arts of soldiering, at least at the buck-private level, are not liberal arts. I found that the Yale history department was on sabbatical leave.It is the frightful monotony and boredom which is the lot of the private with nothing to think about.Since my education had given me nothing to think about, I devoted myself, as the alternative to suicide, to the mastery of all the arts implied in the verb "to soldier." I learned to protract the performance of any task so that I would not be asked to do another.What is perhaps more important, I had no idea what I was doing or why. The sons of ministers and the sons of professors were supposed to go to college. You toiled your way through those which were required and for the rest wandered around taking those that seemed most entertaining.The days of the week and the hours of the day at which courses were offered were perhaps the most important factor in determining the student's course of study. Here I developed some knowledge of French and Italian.

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