Email correspondence dating

No woman will spend 4-8 hours (basically a working day) writing letters and chatting to men daily.The normal pattern is for women who are dating with the goal of finding a partner is to quickly narrow down suitors and concentrate on 2-3 people she really likes.

There are hundreds of vacancies like this one listed online. People in Ukraine are aware of how the system works.

lists 727 vacancies for the keyword search “work in marriage agency Ukraine”. But westerners, including professionals like the famous Dr Phil, do not understand how these scams work.

No large media investigation into these fraudulent systems turning over billions of dollars ever occurred.

Nothing has changed in the last 2 years, except for the ways how agents mask their money-grabbing schemes. The names of companies, phone numbers, email addresses — all details are accessible on job portals.

These companies are officially registered — otherwise they wouldn’t be able to have a bank account and place recruitment ads online. Vacancy by a scam PPL agent seeking women to work from their own profiles.

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