Error updating jscript intellisense see error list seduction dating talk

Note, the error will misleadingly point to the jquery-1.2.6file.

The cascading set of errors lands in the core j Query code, however it originates from the plug-in.

Generally, we simply can’t predict which file a user control will end up on. “Shail” provided the best suggestion, which is just to include a list of script references you want on your user control, then wrap those controls with a “” to make sure you don’t redundantly include scripts at runtime.

“Peter” suggested there was a similar issue with CSS files. I saw a lot of questions/feedback/comments regarding paths and URLs.Given the feedback, this is something we can definitely take into consideration. I’d like to clarify what is supported and not supported by Visual Studio JScript Intelli Sense then ask for feedback: In a nutshell, I’m recommending ../../folder/file for MVC and ~/folder/file for Web Forms.I’m curious: how many files you are typically including into your pages? Also, we can resolve site-relative paths to the project root for if there’s enough demand. How do I get Intelli Sense to understand “google.load()”?I was trying out Ext with Visual Studio 2008 Beta2.I wanted to check out the improved javascript intellisense in VS2008. The JScript Intelli Sense relies on successful execution of the script (in this case Ext) to provide Intelli Sense.

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