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A typical family mainly consists of two elders (in the form of both sex parents) followed by children. Family Relationships Introduction Themes are the vital and often general views tackled in a literary piece.

However, in this highly fast paced world, relations are shrinking to single parent families where the other parent is more or less absent from the lives of the children for the major part of their growing up years. In Authar Miller’sbook Death of a Salesman, there are several themes manifests addressing critical issues affectingsociety as well the main character.

1), considering the practice a distraction from studies.

This way, the government accedes to the reality that everyone should be given what is due them with or without the proof of a marriage license.Despite the fact that in most cases it seems that there is nothing more transparent and plain than people’s communication and behavior, occasionally marriage, family and couple relationships manage to reach an impasse. Analysis of the book Family Policies and Children's School Achievement in Single- versus Two-Parent Families by Suet-ling Pong, Jaap Dronkers and Gillian Hampden-Thompson Introduction Marriage is a social institution that allows two people to legally live together and create families.The moments of misunderstanding, conflicts and clashes may occur on every stage of human relationships. Marriage safeguards the interests of people involved in it and forms a good base for children to grow up.Young people are in search of jobs so that they can afford the expenses of their spouse after marriage. People want to enjoy the luxuries of bachelor life for as long as possible.They do not have anyone to keep a check on them and also, their expenses are reduced. Explain the marriage squeeze and......simply because they were borne out of wedlock.

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