Ethan zohn jenna morasca dating 11 year old dating

Zohn received chemotherapy treatments in late 2011 after learning in September of that year his cancer had returned following 20 months in remission.He subsequently underwent a second stem-cell transplant in February 2012.Jenna: "We actually wrote down what was on the clue and put it in the bottom of our bag.

“It is with much consideration and a heavy heart that we are.

Morasca, 32, was also the winner of Survivor: The Amazon.

Morasca remained by Zohn's side throughout his struggle with cancer.

Ethan: "We have a new show called on ABC where we travel across the country roadtrip-style and get to meet the most extraordinary ordinary people who have faced a crisis in their life and they are using that crisis to help others.

Jenna and I kind of swoop in, meet them and their friends and family, and then help them plan some great pay-it-forward moment.

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