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They also help lose weight as many women have reviewed it has made their midsection thinner.All yogurt provides some form of probiotic defense.

New, more-beneficial drugs can be brought on the market more easily if the old ones are discarded within a couple of years, they say.

One reason is that the consumer market lacks the military's logistical reasons to keep drugs around longer.

Frank Holcombe, associate director of the FDA's office of generic drugs, says that in many cases a manufacturer could extend expiration periods again and again, but to support those extensions, it would have to keep doing stability studies, and keep more in storage than it would like. Davis adds: "It's not the job of the FDA to be concerned about a consumer's economic interest." It would be up to Congress to impose changes, he says.

There doesn't seem to be anything specifically on the Activia brand, however, there is a list of acceptable and not acceptable yogurts in the related link.

There is one website that says the Activia brand uses bovine gelatin.

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