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These cards were a form of personal promotion – pseudonyms and artistic illustrations were used as a means of identifying the CB user, expressing something of their personality as well as giving the recipient their details.The eyeball cards were also the inspiration for the project, though it had a lengthy genesis – Titlow came across two photo albums packed with eyeball cards 20 years ago, at a jumble sale in his home town of Leiston, Suffolk.There’s a big photo festival in Suffolk called Photo East so we’re going to do an exhibition of the photos and the book there next year. He is played by Rhys Ifans, who would go on to play Adrian in Little Nicky and The Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man.Interested in the CB community having grown up alongside many people who had participated in the trend, he thought it would be interesting to photograph some of those who had been involved, but didn’t act on the impulse until 2012.“I found a lot of the people were quite old, quite a lot of people had died.He makes further remarks (but they are still oblivious) and tells them to meet him at his place tomorrow morning and he will listen to their tape.

Later that evening they spot Paul at a club where he will be disk jockeying.It was quite difficult to get hold of them,” he says.“I started with my friend Simon; his parents were Sugarbeet and Fruit Cake. I found a few more people in my town but it was really difficult.“I photographed Grasshopper and Midgetman who were involved from the same family and his wife was there.She had an amazing card but she just said ‘No, you’re not taking my picture!

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