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You can also tell the search engines which pages to display in their SERPs and which ones to avoid.To put it simply, a canonical tag tells Google and other search engine bots that two or more webpages are essentially the same (in terms of content) but one is a variation or duplicate of the main page represented in the canonical tag.It’s a term with a broader meaning, because, unlike instant messaging programs, which are intended for one-to-one communication, it enables or makes it possible for multiple users to take part in the same conversation, typically known as videocalling or videoconferencing.Using these tags properly can help you stay clear of duplicate content penalties, primarily by informing search engines of the original page and the pages that are mere copies (or pages that are part of a sequence).It is hard to come up in mind with a sphere of some kind of aspect of life that hasn’t felt yet the influence or effect made by the technological advancements, and communication is one of those aspects that have made a great step forward.Thanks to today’s technologies, communication, an inevitable daily aspect, has become even more simple and accessible, or we could say more technologically interactive.Webcams are considered to be the most popular form of videotelephony, making them perfect low cost and flexible devices for using with many software clients to provide video calls & videoconferencing, chat room being the general term to describe any form of the latter, both synchronous and asynchronous.

The ‘rel alternate’ tag is similar to the canonical tag, but unlike the canonical tag, the alternate tag can be used to establish a relationship between pages that have an entirely different version of the ‘same' content.All you need is a webcam (a low cost device that provides real time video & audio to a PC or computer network), a web browser and an Internet connection.And the most important is that most chat services are free and you’ll always have the latest version of it, because no installations or updates of software are required.For example, pages that have the same content but written in different languages or pages that have the same content but are made to display on a different media devices, like desktop and mobile pages.As the content of all these URLs is exactly the same, using a canonical tag would take care of the issue, although it is definitely not the best solution.

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