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That doesn’t even include the fun, millenial trend of graduating college then moving back home with the parents. Child-rearing may not be how you want to spend your money. Maybe you don’t want to bring new people into your family if you can’t afford to support them.Between the expense and today’s economy, raising children is far from cheap. That reasoning is beneficial to both you and a potential child, should you choose to have one. Decisions regarding our bodies and lives should be equally personal. Complications Happen Whenever my elders question why I do not want to have children, I think they are conveniently ignoring some facts of life.And there will be people who assume you are a callous kid-hater and/or a workaholic.

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Others may believe that some experience “ruined” children for you.

Some people know the risks and start families anyway, which speaks to their commitment. Parents who work in volatile job markets risk raising children while unemployed for stretches of time, or they uproot their families to relocate to the newest gig.

Parents whose jobs require travel have to rely heavily on their spouses, family, friends, and/or childcare to fill in for them during periods of absence.

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