Fasb backdating stock options

Additionally, the FASB plans to issue an Invitation to Comment summarizing the IASB’s proposals and explaining the key differences between its provisions and current U. Literally applied, the existing transition provision in FAS 123 would require companies that elect to change to the preferable method to do so prospectively for stock options granted after the date of the change.

Since 1973, the Financial Accounting Standards Board has been the designated organization in the private sector for establishing standards of financial accounting and reporting.For more information about the FASB, visit our website at org. Growth of Stock Option Compensation - Current Trends The growth of equity-based compensation - particularly in the form of employee stock option awards - has paralleled the growth in executive pay over the last three decades.Throughout the 1970s, as stock options fell out of favor following a prolonged depression in the stock market, executive compensation packages consisted almost entirely of base salaries and cash bonuses.The popularity of options increased in the 1990's as the steep rise in market prices made options more lucrative to employees.

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