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During the 1910–1920 decade, Akron became a boomtown, being America's fastest growing city with a 201.8% increase in population.Of the 208,000 citizens, almost one-third were immigrants (also Clark Gable) and their children from places including Europe and West Virginia.A racially diverse city, it has seen noted racial relations speeches by Sojourner Truth in 1851 — the Ain't I A Woman? The name is adapted from the Greek word It was laid out in December 1825, where the south part of the downtown Akron neighborhood sits today.Irish laborers working on the Ohio Canal built about 100 cabins nearby.Notable historic events in Akron include the passage of the Akron School Law of 1847, which created the K–12 system; the popularization of the church architectural Akron Plan, the Akron Experiment into preventing goiters with iodized salt, the 1983 Supreme Court case City of Akron v. Du Bois in 1920; In 1811, Paul Williams settled near the corner of what is now Buchtel Avenue and Broadway.

In 1844, abolitionist John Brown moved into the John Brown House across the street from business partner Colonel Simon Perkins, who lived in the Perkins Stone Mansion.The name is derived from the Greek word signifying a summit or high point.It was briefly renamed South Akron after Eliakim Crosby founded nearby North Akron in 1833, until both merged into an incorporated village in 1836.The Metal Ages of Europe thus must be understood as indigenous local inventions and….When the meltwater reaches a lake the heaiest sediments sand and silt sink to the bottom quickly and eventually formed thick layers of light colored rock.

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