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Research confirms meth’s allure Crystal use jumps among gay men; health officials debate treatment plans. He came away from his tour across the heartland with a sense that the country as a whole would be more supportive of gay rights if people only knew their LGBT neighbors.

page 28 Celebrity Grand Marshal San Francisco Pride 2005’s out and proud Alec Mapa. 25 • 23 June 2005 Serving the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender communities since 1971 2 BAY AREA REPORTER 23 June 2005 CHELSEA PROVINCETOWN THE CASTRO ARMONK An L O J 23 June 2005 BAY AREA REPORTER 3 Solmonese tours flyover states by Matthew S. “I don’t think America is anti- gay as much as I think in many places in America it comes down to something as simple as people just don’t know us,” said the single 40-year-old Solmonese during an interview Thursday, June 16 in the lobby of the Hotel Serrano in downtown San Francisco.

We need to add a focus to that - and we will,” he said.

Working both sides Formerly the executive director of Emily’s List, a women’s rights group that is closely tied to the De¬ mocratic Party, Solmonese is now working both sides of the political divide.

The American people want Osama bin Laden captured and they don’t care if his captors are gay or straight,” he said.

On inclusion of transgender rights in federal nondiscrimina¬ tion laws, Solmonese does intend to carry forward former HRC President Cheryl Jacques’s deci¬ sion to throw HRC’s support be¬ hind the issue.

In¬ stead, they are examples of where the stories of gays and lesbians need to be told.

“If you live in a state that just lost the marriage battle, what is the real life implications for you because of that?

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He has visited the headquarters of major corporations - Ford Motor Company, Sprint, Coca Cola, and Hallmark - meeting with the LGBT workforce and ex¬ ecutives.

“We have a really good lineup on the stages and fantastic I grand marshals.

And I’m looking forward to our wonderful | city filling with people coming to commemorate Stonewall h and doing it right here in San Francisco.” “Stand Up, Stand Out, Stand Proud” is the theme of this year’s 35th annual event, a message that is particularly timely this year, said Pride President Joey Cain.

see Arts section Standing out LGBTs shine as bright as the Golden Gate. Bajko T he itinerary reads like a map to the heart of red state America. “The one thing we know is when some¬ one in your life lets you know who they truly are, that they are gay or lesbian, it really is a seismic shift for that person. When you go to places like I’ve been and you talk about these abstract issues like marriage and hate crimes, if you put a name and a face to it, it changes their view.

If someone is out to them it changes their view.” States that just passed consti¬ tutional amendments banning same-sex marriage are not lost causes in Solmonese’s mind.

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