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This is the most correct way to describe this site founded by Alain Lalonde and Yuliya Kuneyeva.One should not let their smiling faces fool you because behind the smile lies that which is sinister in appearance and that is their racially challenged site reflecting their own racially challenged ways!At first I had some doubts about what I had read on them but I asked owners of site about what I had read about how they deal with people of different colors and about showing these different colors of people on the site and they gave me stubborn attitude about this! I know that some may not believe me but that is what they can say but I know my experience and I am one who does not believe in telling a lie about things like these and believe everyone should be treated fairly regardless of their different colors!

So you have to make your own decision if you want to use the services of or not.

They put their stamp on the photos, offer links to existing services and, of course, increase the cost of each of these services; some of which can be found directly and more cheaply by going to a website run by the actual agency on the ground.

In addition to inflating the cost of the services, MPF claims to monitor or have “verified” profiles.

Many International dating companies hide information about the owners and write false information.

In addition, the owners of are a married couple who met on the Internet.

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