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The auto 11 starts at 12 pm EST sunday and runs through 12 pm Monday... Why in front of my pain, You remain indifferent and cold? It amazes me, after talking to others that people who perform the no talk or Cold shoulder do that for several reasons. They were certainly not genuine when I did them, and there are not now that others do them.

We have a shitloads of kids that need that help HERE.

I have met VERY few people in my time where personal responsibility and personal accountability is paramount. I do not want to move with just a kid and two bags under the arm. If I do NOT reach the goal, your pledges will be deleted and you pay nothing.

I have a great dog and would like to take as much as possible with me. The fundraiser has a time lin To All Exsisting And New Members To all of our exsisting and new members, We have grown quite a bit and we have alot more new members to come.

Alot of things has happen tonight , and I respect it and cool with it ...

I am not here to put shit and crap or what so every ...

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