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Check out some of the best mobile encrypted messaging apps available right now for Android and i OS devices.

( Open Whisper Systems' Signal (Android, i OS) is a fantastic messaging solution for security-conscious mobile users.

The app provides end-to-end encryption, with only a minimal amount of metadata stored in Cyphr's servers, which are only stored temporarily until your message is received.

The app uses a combination of AES 128 and RSA 2048 encryption to secure posts and messages, and the app is designed to keep direct messages as much as possible in RAM, rather than your phone's permanent storage.

Messages can be set to self-destruct within 24-hours or right after being read.

It's a free all-in-one messaging and voice-call solution that uses end-to-end encryption.

You can send text messages, voice calls, group messages, media and attachments to your phone contacts, all without having to mess with PIN codes or special login credentials.

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