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Compare these kinds of attitudes to somewhere like Romania whose communist decline coincides with the Czech Republic and the differences are very marked.More recent studies conducted in 2013 by The Pew Research Center in their Global Attitudes Project revealed that the Czech Republic is the most morally accepting country in the world.Generally, the risk of STDs is considered average for Europe with fluctuations in the rise and fall in the number of cases of syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia and HPV.Porn is legal in the Czech Republic with the exception of violent depictions, minors and animals.There has been some debate over the last decade with the government further extending the role played by schools in this area.A new 70-page teachers guide introduced in 2010 proved controversial when it allowed more scope for schools to choose the depth and reach of their sex-ed programmes including homosexuality and sex crimes.

It is a diverse nation, rich in its own culture but also embracing outside influences.

Despite the age of consent being 15, the average age of the first sexual encounter for a Czech is 17 with 96% of those surveyed believing that pre-marital sex is fine.

Pornography and prostitution is legal and the big towns and cities have a large number of adult entertainment venues that are frequented by locals and tourists.

Prague is known as the European capital of porn and, behind California, is the world’s largest hub for the adult industry.

As well as production studios, the city is home to companies such as Beez, Pornhub and XVideos. The appeal of the country to foreign producers is not only economic though the lower wages and production costs certainly help.

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