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During girl-on-top sex, pin his hands down and seductively say, "I like having you at my mercy." Let that spark a post-action conversation about pushing the envelope further.

Blindfolds are a good jumping-off place because they don't feel quite as naughty as handcuffs—plus, not being able to see helps people shed inhibitions.

If bondage is new for you and your guy, introduce the idea of it subtly, so he doesn't freak out.

Looks like red-hot sex is a red-hot trend: A survey of 10,000 women done by the intimate lifestyle company LELO found that 47 percent of respondents have experimented with bondage.

Experts say it can make sex feel more thrilling and primal.

A fuzzy pair feels playful, whereas leather or metal puts you both in a badass mindset.

(We like LELO's Dare Me Pleasure Set, 9, ) Start by binding his hands together in front or behind his back, then move on to a spread-eagle position where he's secured to the bedposts.

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