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We work with no regular support from any government and raise our funds wholly through philanthropy. * Belarus Free Theatre will use the information you provide on this form to be in touch with you and to send you our monthly newsletter.•••• Beyond Erotic reading at Cafe International in San Francisco, CA. Features a reading by Barb Golden then follows with a reading of Frank's poems by Linda Mac, music by Frank Moore and K. I have called FStv the best web site (well, OK....of the best) because it provides an open and free channel for radical/(r)evolutionary voices (and bodies) for a more humane world. When the babes start to party there's nothing stopping them from having the wildest hardcore fun ever, so get ready to witness some pretty intense sex scenes and messy cumshots.Real people with REAL human beauty expressing real passion!" – Jon •••• Frank Moore’s Vimeo account was terminated!

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