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[ Commercial fonts (partial demos available) by Professor Ansgar Krause: Funktionsanalyse, Generalbass, Smart Tools, Gitarren Tools, Lyrics.

Names of the demo fonts: Final Analyse Demo, Final Generalbass Demo, Final Gitarre Demo, Final Griffbrett Horiz Demo, Final Griffbrett Vert Demo, Final Lyrics Regular Demo, Final Smart Tools DEMO.

Plus some commercial medieval fonts: HPS Vatikan-Initialen (caps font, 38 Euro), HPS Antiphonale (caps, 28 Euro), Solesmes (caps, 48 Euro), HPS Garamond (medieval text font family in Normal, Kursiv, Fett and Fett-Kursiv).

I still remember the night he gave me my engagement ring in front of all his family- they were so happy and acting like it was so wonderful.

In 2012, he created type 1 versions of two large font packages, Philipp H.

[ A truetype font by Barry Graham (1998) from Melbourne containing trills, mordants, glissandi, arpeggio marks, rehearsal marks for music.

Hufnagelnotation, Quadratnotation and Medicaeanotation are medieval notations for Gregorian chants.

Olus some beautiful medieval caps such as HPS Antiphonale, Solesmes, and HPS Vatikan-Initialen (from the 15th century).

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