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As a merchant, you can sign up with an inconspicuous name that won’t be questioned on his records, and everyone can be easily satisfied.Clients may be extra pleased because they don’t have to remember to bring cash to the encounter, don’t have to be bothered with logging in online to pay with their credit card ahead of time, getting their credit card out to pay upon arrival or be bothered with the discussion of payment at all after initially registering for the service.However, how convenient (or awkward) is it to actually scan your client’s credit card when he comes for an encounter with you?It can as awkward and uncomfortable as you make it…or, it can be a seamless part of the entire encounter.Square works with any Android phone running Android 2.1 and up or any Apple device running i OS 4.1 and up.They charge a flat 2.75% for each transaction, with no monthly fees, no setup fees or other charges that are typically incurred with accepting credit cards.

You can simply type in his fee for the encounter and charge it to his account.

Your business name will still appear on your clients’ credit card statements.

Even though this process may revolutionize the acceptance of credit cards, it doesn’t avoid all problems associated with the process for escorts.

However, it makes it much more convenient and accessible for your business needs.

Hello Debbi, you don't need a credit card to verify your age, you never needed one to be exact.

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