Game updater by durka updating

Description: The first site has Tcl 7.6p2/Tk 4.2p2 for AIX 4.1, as tar files.

The second site has Tcl 7.6/Tk 4.2 as smit-installable releases. Updated: 04/1997 Contact: Description: End-to-end e Commerce solution, developed for Unix-like systems.

Updated: 01/1998 Contact: Description: agqt (6's Spiffy Audio Galaxy Query Tool) is a package to automate queries to the Audio Galaxy music sharing system.

Currently at version 0.10 Updated: 07/2002 Contact: See web site What: AIR Where: ???

---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ From: FAQ Tcl/Tk Package Catalog Subject: -XII- What are some examples of applications using Tcl and Tk?

What: ac3d Where: Description: Commercial Source Code Management (SCM) tool. Set time and message and sound will occur and message pop up. Arbitrary number of simultaneous alarms are allowed. Updated: 06/2001 Contact: Description: Bundle of Tcl and related software, in binary form (aka a "Batteries Included" distribution) - ready for installation.

Bundles for HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, and Windows are provided. Updated: 01/2004 Contact: Description: Address notebook in Tk.

Also, Contacts without addresses or marked as Unknown mean that I had limited to no information about the contact person.

The Updated field indicates the date when the catalog entry URLs were updated, not when a package itself was updated.

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