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“Beauty draws, God’s light draws, so people can be drawn here and maybe reconnect with their faith or just find a place of rest, beauty, and reflection, in the middle of the city,” Bishop Kevin Vann observed, who was appointed Bishop of Orange by Pope Benedict XVI in 2012.

(Imagine the day when a Catholic cathedral will be a main destination spot for a family vacation with Disneyland the quick stopover on the way!

) Carving out time to merge a vacation with a pilgrimage sends a subtle message to both family and community: we are not limited to this realm alone, and even vacation should include renewal time for the spiritual.

While on the one hand, the world’s holiest places are often subsumed with tourists and photographers, selfie sticks threatening to transform holy grounds into disposable Instagram backgrounds, visiting such sites with the approach of contemplation and appreciation invites pilgrims to enter a mystery being contemplated around the world.

The centerpiece of Christ Cathedral is the cathedral itself—the sprawling, diamond-shaped, 10,000-glass paned, 78,000-square-foot structure designed by architect Philip Johnson and dedicated in 1980.

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