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That’s natural enough — many of our close friendships are forged in places like college or birthing classes that attract similar age groups.It’s less common that people form genuine friendships that span a generation.Each friend can offer the other something different based on their station in life.” The most important thing in cultivating an intergenerational friendship is to hold that friendship to the same standards as any other.“It doesn’t work to just walk into an assisted living center,” says Tom Mc Bride, an English professor at Beloit College in Wisconsin and coauthor of (Wiley, 2011).

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She’d left her law practice to teach at-risk junior high students, but a school reorganization soon put her back in the job market.

But intergenerational friendships offer unique benefits. If Hadler has a relationship problem, for example, she turns to her older friend.

“He has a lot of perspectives that I don’t,” she says. When you’re my age, everything is a much bigger deal because you don’t have as much to look back on.” This contrast in perspectives can work both ways.

Those cultural differences can be a barrier to cross-generational friendships, he says.

“One generation says LBJ and they’re talking about Lyndon Johnson.

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