Gedrick dating

Brick Mayor John Ducey confirmed that her posting on Facebook celebrating her new job with the township was a lie.Gedrich is not employed by the township, Ducey said.This weekend NJ101.5 reported that Gedrich is ready to settle with Rodrick in light of conflicting reports about her claim.The story, according to many now appears to be the case of entrapment, just as Gedrich used the social media “meat market” dating app in 2016 to lure men into her trap to push Bernie Sanders’ socialist agenda on them.That video was immediately posted to Youtube and sent to the media with her press releases on the lawsuit.

She also had the encounter in an effort to shame Rodrick.

Her account was subsequently suspended by Tinder, according to the Asbury Park Press and Bernie Sanders eventually lost his primary to Hillary Clinton.

Gedrick represents the underlying problem of today’s liberal progressive millennials driven by the desire to have everything handed to them, regardless of whether or not they deserve it or whether or not their claims are factual.

She celebrated the start of a new job with the Brick Township municipal government, but when a blog site reported her announcement, she sued.

Now, just a couple of days later, Democrat political operative Robyn Gedrich is ready to settle the lawsuit for a dollar.

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