Going to school in a nudist camp

Magneri is high-strung and impatient, berating assistants and bragging about how a recent physical at the hospital confirms he’ll outlive them all.

Like Monk, he’s agitated by the nudists, feeling that they're ruining his view.

Monk bursts into Natalie’s apartment to tell her the good news.

There, he spots the note Natalie wrote at Arlene’s – the notepaper’s letterhead says “St.

She blanks out, and Stottlemeyer continues, explaining that Magneri had a checkup on July 23, four days before Arlene quit.

In fact, he's preparing for a zoning board meeting, where he hopes the nudists will be ordered to move somewhere else.

Anyway, Magneri has a solid alibi for the night of the murder.

Magneri also mentions that Singer once hit him with a microphone. While Arlene is questioned, Natalie is using a pad of Arlene’s to write something down while she talks on the phone.

This sign of aggression is all Monk needs to convince himself that Singer killed Vickie. Vickie’s roommate Arlene Boras, a newly-minted day trader, tells the detectives that Vickie had recently been spending more time at the beach. Pursuing what seems to have become a personal vendetta, Monk breaks into Singer’s trailer later that night with Natalie in tow. However, Singer and his nude activist friends come home in the middle of their search, and Monk and Natalie are forced to hide in Singer’s closet.

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