Gta 5 dating michelle

If you get out of the car while Michelle is driving, she will drive off and the game will tell you that she stole your car, and the date ends as a failure.She will disappear soon after though, so the car, now without a driver, will just stop or crash into whatever is in front of it.Each woman has different tastes and will respond accordingly.(However, wearing the wrong clothing or having the wrong car doesn't actually result in a date failing, only that the girlfriend makes negative (or snide) comments.) Assuming no failed dates, Niko can usually get to enjoy "coffee" (i.e.

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The closest club is the Gaydar Station in Queens, which is a bit far from her residence.

a sexual encounter) with the girlfriend at the conclusion of the second date, with the exception of Kate, who will never allow the relationship to reach that point no matter how many times she is dated.

Reaching 100% fondness with all five girlfriends is not required to achieve completion of the game.

Michelle enjoys driving at fast speeds, which are easy to obtain due to the hilly roads around her area.

Her favorite areas to drive are around Doherty and Garcia, but dislikes Queens and Chinatown.

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