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Single Player Step 1: Concentrate on completing the main story as quickly as possible.Through the story, you should get Off the Boat, Lowest Point, Walk Free, Fed the Fish, Half Million, Impossible Trinity, Full Exploration, Gracefully Taken, That Special Someone, You Won! Step 1a: Most of the other achievements can be done after the story, however there is one achievement you will want to get early on to avoid a hassle.You need to get the story done in under 30 hours if you don’t want to go through another playthrough.If you find yourself failing a mission several times in a row and you’re pushing 30 hours, consider exiting out of the game and re-loading.Find out how to do the Algonquin bridge trick from You Tube or the forums here on x360a and get the One Man Army achievement early on before the trick is no longer possible.Step 1b: During the story, you will encounter many friends. Always try to accept invitations to activities with friends; doing all possible activities with your friends is a requirement towards 100% (if left alive) and will increase your likeness percentage.

The multiplayer can also be frustrating, as you will want to stay organized to keep from going off-track.

There are some excellent guides on this site that can help you stay organized with these achievements.

Step 3a Single Player conclusion: With all the above completed you should get Key to the City for 100% completion.

Step 2: Now that you have the story done, it’s time to get done some of those oddball achievements that you may have not gotten during the story.

You should get King of QUB3D, Finish Him, Wheelie Rider, Rolled Over, Chain Reaction, It’ll Cost Ya, and Sightseer.

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