Harvard speed dating

We measure responsiveness with an attitudinal measure from previous research as well as a novel behavioral measure: the number of follow-up questions one asks.

In both cases, responsiveness explains the effect of question-asking on liking.

In addition to analyzing live get-to-know-you conversations online, we also studied face-to-face speed-dating conversations.

We find that speed daters who ask more questions during their dates are more likely to elicit agreement for second dates from their partners, a behavioral indicator of liking. "It Doesn't Hurt to Ask: Question-asking Increases Liking." Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 113, no.

“There’s a level of deception that is usually associated with user profiles,” says View N Me co-founder Eric Friedman.

“They often show a person’s best traits and qualities, including posting the best picture they’ve ever taken.

“Then I met her and it was like, ‘Meh, not so much.’ ” But live video calls don’t come without risks.

Conversation is a fundamental human experience, one that is necessary to pursue intrapersonal and interpersonal goals across myriad contexts, relationships, and modes of communication.

In the current research, we isolate the role of an understudied conversational behavior: question-asking.

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