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"Thanks.""Sure," Caroline replied, going into a room across from Klaus', effectively ending their conversation."Have you met Katherine's new shadow? ""She hasn't met him yet, so we'll find out," Caroline replied as the dressing room door opened and the musician walked out, dressed in jeans, a white Henley, and the jacket Rebekah had fought to get him into."Let's put on a show, shall we? "Well, if you ever need anything from me, don't hesitate to ask.""That's nice, love, but you'll work mostly with Kat here," he told her. Moments later, Klaus took the stage in front of tens of thousands and Hayley watched from the wings."He's impressive, huh? There's always speculation.""Nik is very private," Kol shrugged. "Is your anger confirmation of the rumors that you two are dating? "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to prep guitars.""She's nosy," Kol told Caroline moments later when he found her. "It didn't work out for Cami, so it won't work for Hayley.""Well, she won't deal with him much," Caroline shrugged.

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Do your job well and you'll get there.""Who's in with him? It didn't work out with the last assistant tour manager.""I heard that was because she unsuccessfully threw herself at you," she boldly replied. ""I just write from the heart," he replied vaguely.Then we're on the train by seven AM to take the Chunnel towards Paris.Find Henrik and take him with you."When the show ended, Klaus left the stage and found only Hayley waiting for him."Everyone is packing up because we have to be out by one," she filled him in as she walked just behind him. "Henrik nodded ahead of them at where Elijah was letting himself into Klaus' room. "I was supposed to find him and send him there.""Hayley! "We have a tech emergency and need all hands on-deck, so your job duties are expanding." she asked, wondering who she should suck up to; it wasn't every day a girl got the chance to work for Klaus Mikaelson, after all. At the hotel, Klaus' security whisked him away to a private suite where the journalist from the magazine was waiting.Since most of the questions were about his music and the tour, Hayley occupied herself by checking the thirty emails Katherine had sent since she'd left the arena."What about love?

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