Hbo dating game of the 80s

Metacritic score: 68 Stream on Netflix Bryan Fogel's documentary Icarus, about sports doping, may as well be called a thriller.

While making the documentary Fogel accidentally uncovered a massive Russian doping scandal after meeting with a Russian scientist.

Icarus is an insightful yet scary look at the complex world of sports and the politics surrounding them.

Oh, and Icarus won best documentary feature at the Academy Awards in 2018.

This documentary is quite a wild ride and a must watch for any Orson Welles fans, or those who want a deeper look into the complexities of trying to get a film made in Hollywood.

Stream on Netflix Quincy is a very enjoyable documentary on legendary record producer Quincy Jones.

It's narrated by Alan Cumming and filled with interviews from those involved with the making of The Other Side of the Wind.

Stream on Netflix By now you've heard plenty of debate over whether you should watch the .

Pro tip: Abandon all your responsibilities in life and just watch both.

(Although Russia sent a woman into space in 1963, it'd be another 20 years before America followed suit.) But these passionate, eager women were ready to be the first pioneers in space, and the documentary does a wonderful job of recognizing an often overlooked piece of space race history.

Metacritic score: 68 Stream on Netflix You have to have pretty thick skin to be an activist in the public eye. But Gloria Allred has championed women's rights for decades, seeming completely immune to the childish taunts thrown her way.

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