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This site is intended to study and share the tips for a harmonious and joyful living and solve life’s problems conscientiously.These tips may be used to change over from a one sided mechanical life to a life of balance in the great plan of the Universe.No gadgets are required and hence you are not spending a pie. Though mornings and evenings are better, you can do it any time of the day. Before starting, you may better consult your physician that you can do these and the period for which you should do it. From Jogging to Joy:- According to recent studies, exercises, particularly aerobic exercises such as brisk walking, running, jogging, and swimming produce endorphins in the brain.If you are not doing anything, just start with going for a short walk and gradually change over to jogging or running. Other foods take time in getting digested and assimilated into blood before its effect is felt. Endorphins are chemical released in the brain when you intake anti depression drugs like heroin and morphine.It is believed that vegetarian diet is better suited to our system and it may keep you healthier in the long run. The level of euphoria caused varies from person to person and is also dependent upon the amount of exercise.But, nevertheless, ensure that your diet contains sufficient vegetables, fruit juices and those having more liquid content. But regular physical exercise appears to be an effective tool to your feeling of happiness and well being. Some scientists believe that the positive feeling during a physical challenge, rather than the exertion of exercise, is what stimulates the endorphins release.

The pot and alcohol had clouded her memory and the faces had blurred together, the only vivid memory she had was the feeling between her legs and what it did for her adolescent body. The following girls hesitated and looked around before answering.

But I'm questing for a new exercise in self-denial and clever wordplay.

And now we've got it: If I don't own it by now, I won't own it until August. As the pile of magazines on my coffee table can attest, I'm a bit of a fashion freak and shopaholic.

You may do these exercises indoors like walking or running in place, as if on a treadmill, without moving ahead. If you are doing it indoors, better to do it near an open window so that you get enough fresh air.

Consult your doctor: - These are the exercises that one can do irrespective of one’s age.

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