Homophily in online dating

Friendships can be predicted by scanning people’s brains, according to a new study.

The similarities between people’s brain activity in response to videos were used by researchers to identify friendships within a group of people. When it comes to online dating, segregation appears to be alive and well …

The authors find that individuals with similar social status characteristics are more likely to associate with each other than by chance.

"Status" includes both ascribed characteristics like race, ethnicity, sex, and age; and acquired characteristics like religion and education.

Race and ethnicity also correlates with educational attainment and occupation, which increase baseline homophily further.

With regard to sex and gender, baseline homophily of networks is relatively low compared to race and ethnicity.

The role of optimal distinctiveness and homophily in online dating.Geography: Baseline homophily often arises when the people who are located nearby also have similar characteristics.People are more likely to have contact with those who are geographically closer than those who are distant.In Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Web and …Free Christian Singles Online Dating Sites IAC’s is continuing its acquisition strategy today with the purchase of online …

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