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The study was a collaboration involving researchers at Binghamton and Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers college health and safety tips.

It was published recently in the Journal of Relationships Research.

While women were more likely to engage in intimate acts, there were no gender differences in terms of eye gazing and foreplay.

“We have a stereotype that casual sex [hookups] are just about meaningless sex, but this research shows this is not necessarily true,” said study author Ann Merriwether, a developmental psychologist and lecturer at Binghamton University in New York.

Operation Match (part of Compatibility Research Inc.) launches.The study “shows intimacy is important and desired by many people, especially those who prefer hookups to more traditional relationships,” she added in a university news release.A survey question that asked students if they prefer casual sex or sex in a long-term relationship led to a surprising finding.Today some 33 years later Elwyn Jones has produced his own online contact service which also uses a similar but much more comprehensive system.This is found at https:// Matchmaker Electronic Pen-Pal Network launches.

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