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UPDATE: CRUCIAL INFORMATION: It has come to the attention of the editors that we missed #Swiftgron, the relationship between Dianna Agron and Taylor Swift, which began in 2011 after they met at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, and ran all the way until 2013.

A number of songs on both Red and 1989 are thought to be about their relationship.

That scene stayed, though.” Ringwald did commend Hughes — who died at age 58 in 2009 — for giving a voice to outsiders and the positive impact the filmmaker’s movies had on adolescent audiences.

Also Read: Molly Ringwald Says Me Too: ' Director Stuck His Tongue in My Mouth' at 14 “John’s movies convey the anger and fear of isolation that adolescents feel, and seeing that others might feel the same way is a balm for the trauma that teen-agers experience.

In a new essay for The New Yorker, Ringwald wrote, “It’s hard for me to understand how [director] John Hughes was able to write with so much sensitivity, and also have such a glaring blind spot.” “I thought about it again this past fall, after a number of women came forward with sexual-assault accusations against the producer Harvey Weinstein, and the #Me Too movement gathered steam,” she continued.

Look, I'm not pushing a gay agenda because I'm addicted to the drama, I'm pushing a gay agenda because I know love when I see it. Taylor Allison Swift it totally gay and I have evidence for days: With the release of her first album, Taylor spent most of her time on the road with her fiddle player, Emily Poe.

Who are we to put Taylor in a box just because our parents raised us in some sick, heteronormative society, where we'd rather see her with bread boy Joe Alwyn or fucking Tom Hiddleston? Swift mentioned Poe in a ton of My Space blogs at the time, and the two even went on a vacation to the Grand Canyon together.

Sadly, these dating "rumors" have been shut down by Swift.

But think about it — Swift built her entire empire around being a girl who sings love songs about impossible to pin down ● Taylor Swift fired one of her best friends for posting rape jokes and anti-woman memes ● Snaked by Taylor Swift: WHERE is the new Delicate video?

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