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There are signs you're more emotionally intelligent than your partner in regards to a variety of situations.I discussed this with psychotherapist Jeffrey Rubin (no relation), author of , Julie Spira, online dating expert and coach, and Diana Dorell, an intuitive dating coach.when contestant Taylor Nolan talked about emotional intelligence, and whether or not Corinne Olympios had enough of it for lead Nick Viall.Now, while it wasn't necessarily Nolan's place to determine whether or not Olympios sufficiently emotionally intelligent, the bottom line is that the trait can play a role in relationships.A partner who's still developing their emotional intelligence may be stubborn or passive-aggressive, rather than productively trying to find a solution that satisfies everyone.

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If you notice your partner's emotional intelligence doesn't stack up to yours, confront them about it."Decide how important it is to you and also see if your partner is interested and willing and able to work on it," he says.

That will set the tone for when your partner returns home in the evening."Spira says that differing levels of emotional intelligence isn't necessarily a bad thing."As a couple, you're two different personality types with different communication skills," she says.

"The worst thing you could do is attack your partner for not being as emotionally intelligent as you are if you feel you're doing all of the emotional work.

The best thing you can do is to express how you'd like your partner to communicate and be supportive of you."By addressing the situation with the emotional intelligence you already have, you will only make your relationship stronger and healthier.

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