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The "market" doesn't care about individuals like Koch, and he chose to continue despite his efforts not being reciprocated/acknowledged.

I'd like to say that Koch should have abandoned the project, and if the market saw that maintenance/development of GPG was important, it would have happened.

We are collecting nominations for our Duck Duck Go yearly FOSS donations at This seems to fit well and we'd welcome others. Can someone explain why GPG in the person of Werner Koch isn't substantially funded under FSFE?

My first thought was the Software Freedom Conservancy.

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It's also used in countless applications to encrypt data at rest, and GPG signatures are used to secure the distribution of software.He's hardly alone, and frankly, the proprietary commercial model has proven highly problematic as well. The wealthy pouring support on the forgotten, decrying the unjust conditions, only to forget about them and return to their normal lives.Unlike the poor children of the world - Koch's decisions are wholly responsible for his current predicament.Crompton and Cartwright were granted substantial payments by acts of Parliament (5,000 and 10,000 respectively), Whitney made money through arms sales to the U. government, and of the lot, only Arkwright earned significant wealth, half a million pounds, after his patents stopped being honored by other manufacturers.Invention and information goods fare poorly in economic systems.

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