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And while the conclusion of this story might seem rather inevitable given the genre, the humor, levity and delight of the journey makes MY FAVORITE MISTAKE a delightful read.

Author Stephanie Bond pens a vividly refreshing romance in MY FAVORITE MISTAKE.

Meanwhile, without her ever using the service, they rang up 6 months of monthly fees claiming she had signed up for something she had not signed up for.

Denise has never told current boyfriend about her first husband.Schlosser does an excellent job of combining the facts with the faces that makes this tragedy real.From men who have given their lives or their health out of company loyalty or the need to feed their families, to the women who have sharpen their carving knives while preparing the family dinner, each account springs vividly from the pages. With the mobile lifestyle most of us have adapted, eliminating fast food from one's diet would be virtually impossible.Since fast food also makes up its labor out of management, that also means that the restaurant manager is either bagging food or working the drive through in addition to the rest of her responsibilities.Indeed, one manager and one cook (a total of only two employees) can run the entire restaurant for ten hours a day.

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