Intimidating interview techniques

Some small chit chat from the reception area to the interview room will also help.These are the vital seconds (not minutes) in making your first impression.

A firm (but not bone crunching) handshake with a big smile will do wonders when you first meet your Interviewer.

If you Google ‘job interview’, lots of tips for candidates will appear, but not so many for the people on the other side of the table.

So where do you find all you need to know to nail a job interview from an employer’s perspective? ‍But before you get started, please bear one thing in mind.

This is known as the STAR technique: Situation - Describe a situation you were in eg. Result - Tell them what happened as a result of your actions eg. • Practice answering the interview questions and follow-up questions so that you are very familiar with several detailed examples.

Perhaps surprisingly, the point most people forget to expand upon is the result of the action they took.

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