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VENGEANCE: Killer Neighbors – Fatal Fence Feud (August 11) A giant barricade is erected between property lines in an attempt to resolve bad blood between neighbors, but it doesn’t stop their animosity from escalating out of control and resulting in a brutal murder.VENGEANCE: Killer Neighbors – Deerly Departed (August 18) When the sounds of gunfire erupt in a usually quiet, Minnesota suburb, the police begin receiving frantic 911 calls.It's at the heart of everything holy, the core of the message, a single phrase: Love thy neighbor. And here, second from the top, were two - call them grown-up hippies - two soul mates: Mel and Elizabeth. It was kismet that they found one another after two failed marriages each, and Mel who brought Elizabeth up here to his uniquely funky utopia, love among the rustling leaves, to the tune of wild birds and wind chimes. To which we might add, woe to him or her who learns to hate instead - as you're about to discover. Who could imagine what these three neighbors were capable of? Tom Ellington-Wills: And they were just really happy. It was-- seeing them together constantly, always holding hands. He instantly liked his mother's new suitor when she introduced them. Mel grew up on a surf board in the Monterey Bay, became a defense attorney. Tom Ellington-Wills: "Hey, I can't afford to pay your legal f-- fee, but can I build a deck? Can I do s-- you know, what-- Keith Morrison: And that would be okay with him? Fascinating, isn't it, how fate can dictate the shape of a life. It was serendipity as much as anything that produced the conditions, the distance, the isolation without which none of this would have happened. As the girls grew through their teenage years in France with their mother, Kenney divided his time between Nancy and his little piece of American paradise, his house in Carmel Valley. Up on the canyonside here in California's Carmel Valley, pristine order moved in beside cluttered whimsy. The neighbors decided if they didn't do something pretty soon, a car would fall through the boards here to the creek bed below and so they set about deciding what to do. Down the hill, Kim Williams heard the gunshots, remembered Kenney's feud and headed up the canyon road. Tom Ellington-Wills: "I really have some bad news for you." And-- I'm like, "What's goin' on? John Kenney: It was at that moment I realized, they have entrapped me. The sledgehammer hit a grazing blow on my left upper arm. John Kenney: I've been assaulted, again, by two people.

VENGEANCE: Killer Neighbors – Lethal Brawl (September 29) A mother who is also a recovering addict is stabbed while standing up to the neighborhood bully.

I was definitely jealous, goin' to () school, always finding out that they were going somewhere like Costa Rica or somewhere in the Caribbean, or goin' to Hawaii. There would be a trial, and he would take the witness stand to explain why he killed his neighbors. The only surviving witness, of course, was Kenney himself. He was upstairs making dinner, he said, when he heard a rapping sound. He opened his door, and saw Elizabeth Grimes on his deck.

Elizabeth and Mel, and up here on their private hillside they dressed their overgrown love nest in bits of whimsy. Mel had been cruising freestyle ten years up here when his new neighbor moved in. And certainly he was an impressive man, the neighbor: His name was John Kenney, a 65-year-old oil exploration scientist with a Ph D from MIT. Kim Williams: I saw Jack being escorted from his driveway. And he was about to tell the jury his version of the story... Though he wasn't wearing his hearing aid, the sound seemed to come from this sliding glass door facing his driveway. He said she swore at him; he told her to get off his property. He took a step forward and she took a step back- back and forth all the way down his driveway. John Kenney: He was standing next to the barrier rock, in his business clothes, with a sledgehammer in his hand, in a frenzy, striking the -- my barrier rock. Get off my property." I think I only got halfway through it when Elizabeth Grimes came up behind me and slammed me in the back of the head.

One such call is from the shooter himself, a man who police soon learn became unhinged over the sight of too many deer.

VENGEANCE: Killer Neighbors – Killer Cookout (August 25) Police arrive on the scene of a barbeque turned bloodbath and begin to unravel a neighborhood feud that pushed one man to the point of no return.

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