Is ellen degeneres dating

Whether it was their intention or not, Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi have been catapulted into role models ever since their relationship was announced in 2004.Once De Generes and de Rossi became an item, there’s been no turning back and the two have only become a more adorable, caring couple.It’s not always easy to make a big splash and get on someone’s radar.In the case of De Generes and de Rossi, due to de Rossi not being out as gay yet when she and De Generes began their relationship, she wasn’t comfortable out in public for their first date.There are persistent rumors about Ellen De Generes and Portia de Rossi getting children that will probably always be out there, but something that’s not a rumor and is hard truth is their love and affinity for pets.

Obviously this was a weight on her for many years, but when she came out as a lesbian, she was severely bullied and went through major bouts of depression as a result. Even those that have the most stable, bedrock relationships can show signs of strain from the relentless paparazzi and fame cycle.It’s even more difficult to maintain a level perspective on everything when you’re a public figure that’s on television almost every day of the week.In spite of this, in 2014 de Rossi spent time in rehab for substance abuse issues.This separation of sorts didn’t help instill confidence.

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