Is jennifer anistan dating

During a time when her career had begun to gain traction thanks to Friends, Jenny was seen a couple of times out and about with the dreadlocked Adam Duritz, the lead singer for the rock band Counting Crows.The relationship seemed to have ended right after it started.One of this week’s tabloids claims Jennifer Aniston is dating an unidentified Hollywood director and may already be pregnant with his baby. Regardless of what the outlet’s anonymous snitch believes, Aniston’s own spokesperson says on the record that she doesn’t have a new boyfriend, and certainly isn’t expecting a child. “Courteney told her if the time comes, she’ll throw her the best baby shower ever,” adds the seemingly phony tipster. The supposed “source” doesn’t actually know the name of the director who Aniston is supposedly dating, and this “insider” only suspects she might be pregnant, despite having zero evidence to back up the claim.

Well, before Pitt came into Aniston’s life, there were other men, though none came close as Pitt did.Gossip Cop busted the tabloid in March when it published a ridiculous cover story saying . "Jennifer Aniston NOT Pregnant At 48, Despite Report." Gossip Cop. The exes obviously never reunited, and this latest article fails to mention what happened to their supposed rekindling. According to a new tabloid report, Jennifer Aniston's love life is no longer DOA.The gorgeous actress may have been stuck in second gear ever since her split from Justin Theorux in February... but she's now intent on making sure she isn't alone every day, week, month and or even every year. While filming the new Netflix movie Murder Mystery in Montreal on June 27, a source on set said the star appeared "happy" all the time, with her "very upbeat" mood having a positive effect on co-stars such as Adam Sandler.

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