Is lavalife a good dating site

Despite these great features, the website was a little difficult to navigate at times.

Functions on Lavalife: There were a couple frustrations in completing our profile, but the profiles provided lots of information.

Not alot Really there are some foreign ladies, which is what first drew me to the site.

There are not enough foreign ladies, I found this site in Google as I was oringinally looking for a Russian datingsite, after being on other sites I decided to look about for any othere sites, dissapointed with the quality of a very good opinion of lava im afraid!

In our minds, this made the price of subscription just about okay, but not amazing.

Our first impression once logging into the site was that it was very modern and sleek.

Whether you’re looking for a booty call or to get hitched, Lavalife is here for you.

Take full advantage of the free trial as well before deciding if Lavalife is right for you, as subscriptions are not refundable.

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There is nothing particularly special or unique about it. I was new to the site and trying to navigate my way around but people were already contacting me for a chat. Ok for a general all round dating site, would not recommend if you are looking for a foreign bride, even though the site is advertised in google with Russian women looking for love.It does, however, also serve those looking to find their soul mate and get married, and even those of the older generation who may just be getting out of a divorce.All in all, their platform is based around the idea that love should be fun, passionate, and between like-minded people. Great, if they could really live up to that high and mighty talk. To do this, we created our own profile to most accurately test how fun, playful, and active other members really were.In order to get the most out of your Lavalife experience, we recommend you use a display picture which focuses on your face and a genuine smile.Lavalife is most commonly used amongst young singles looking for fun, playful, casual encounters.

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