Java script validating form Sex chat onmobill

Next, we use regular expression and the test() method to check the field for a compliance.

Also we will use trim() function that will trim leading whitespace off the string.

If the element complies than sufunction returns an empty string.

Otherwise it returns a message describing the error and highlight appropriate element with yellow.

The way you should handle this is to have the majority of the error checking done with Java Script. You then recheck the vital elements of the form with the CGI.

Most error checking programs check each field one at a time, and display one error at a time.

Java Script is an object-oriented, interpretive language used with HTML to provide dynamic capabilities to otherwise static webpages.

A Java Script function included in an HTML page is processed and executed by the web browser.

This data is passed to ASP script, or some other technology and if the data contains an error, there will be a delay before the information travels over the Internet to the server, is examined on the server, and then returns to the user along with an error message.

If you run a validation of the users form input before the form is submitted, there will be no wait time and redundant load on the server.

"Bad data" are already filtered out when input is passed to the server-based program. Client side form validation usually done with javascript.

Just a really simple login and redirect, but the script doesn't fire since I changed the button input type to 'submit' and the on Click event to on Submit.

All is does now is just add the username and password as a string to the url.

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