Jewish men black women dating

She initiated the encounter by saying passengers would have offered their seats to a Jewish family but not to a black family. because you’re Jewish and I said if a Jewish family got on here, somebody would have got up,” she shouts. That is a factual statement.” Chris French, who posted the video on Twitter May 24 using the handle Harry Plotter, said in a subsequent tweet that he didn’t think the video would attract so many viewers — 159,000 by Tuesday afternoon. Be blessed y’all.” The video, which was first posted on Thursday, has been viewed at least 156,000 times and has nearly 2,700 likes.

“I myself have been called racist just for posting, which is weak, but no matter,” he said. Didn’t think this video would go as viral as it has.

For the past few months, I sunk so desperate as to attempt online Jewish dating for marriage and Jewish matchmaking services, with deep reluctance and not much hope and for good reason.

Both kinds of sites boast their success rates and the number of matches.She told me I was not getting a good response from my photo, ironically she did not realize the photos were from my 20s, I really do not look that different except for my hairstyle, and it was probably me at my peak and at the time I paid the most attention to applying a lot of makeup.She called my profile too arrogant for its bluntness, which was meant to weed out the weak and abusive men, and for my academic and career-mindedness.” During the two-minute video clip filmed on a cellphone, she tells Wolfe that Judaism is not a race but a religion, so therefore her statement could not be racist. The Jewish community is always lamenting the high intermarriage rates especially in the United States and Canada destroying the continuity of the Jewish religion, but there are deeper reasons why the rate continues to get higher.

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