Jokes about dating younger girls

" the Old Man said "Somebody else must have shot that bear." "Exactly," replied the doctor. After several years of a very happy marriage, he had a heart attack."Like if you text a girl and they don't text you right back, it's over.Then they try to get out of it, you're like, 'Hey what's up?One night, after several weeks, he decided that life without sex wasn't worth living. He met his wife on the staircase and said, "I was coming up to die."She laughed and replied, "I was coming down to kill you!

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And the Guys who have dated the younger girls always get them pregnant. Some of the guys went to jail and some help raise the children. Then the guys get made when the girl wants to cheat and take off and party. I mean, what is a 40 year old man going to want with a 13 year old girl? I have mixed feelings on this, a few years difference I can see, my last boyfriend was 3 years older than me. But I know a woman who is like 23 and is married to a 65 year old man (a RICH old guy..) I think thats just gross. 5 years are ok, but 30.40 years in age different : P Then I start woundering... Looking back, I wonder what a 23 year old would want w/ a 16 year old and believe me, I wish someone would have put a stop to it since I was too stupid to (believe me, my folks tried, but I was a teenager who "knew everything"lol)...

To all the young girls out there : "think twice before marry a man older than you father! However what they're doing is illegal and quite frankly wrong. Now, when people get older, I don't see anything wrong w/ age differences, as long as they are both adults I guess it all depends on the ages.

So long as both the guy and girl is 16 (which is legal age in U. I wouldn't want a man a lot older than me though, but thats just my preference. It is wrong to date somebody and get them pregnant when they are like 10-20 years older than the girl. But if the girl is younger than that you should arrest the guy.

She goes spying on her big sister and she hears her cussing out her boyfriend and she says,"you mother fucking asshole! Jill sneaks up on her dad while he was shaving and says boo!

"Just then jill, thats the little girl,interrupts them talking and blurts out, "Big Sis,what does asshole mean?

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