Keith harkin of patrick thunder dating

“When I was in university I studied music and the Irish language, and at the time I would have had to have spoken Irish almost as my main language.” he says.

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I think everyone in Ireland has some sort of musical background.” Keegan sang solos and won music awards from a young age, and his choral experiences brought him to such remarkable venues as Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia in Barcelona, Brno Cathedral in Prague, St. “I was used to standing in a robe with a folder in my hand looking at a conductor,” Keegan laughs.

And that was one of the things that I asked on my first show [with Celtic Thunder]: to be able to sing a song in Irish.” Keegan’s first solo with Celtic Thunder was a song in Irish Gaelic and English called Buachaill On Eirne, previously performed by Damian Mc Ginty, which invites listeners to “Come by the hills to the land where life is a song….” Highlights for Keegan have been many since becoming one of Celtic Thunder’s principal singers; and the making of the group’s Mythology DVD might just outperform all the rest of his fond memories to date.

“We were standing on the stage back in Dublin at The Helix theatre and it was an invite-only audience, so it was all family and friends of the cast,” he describes.

His nationality is Irish and he also has Irish ethnicity. Emmet Cahill learned classical singing training from Royal Irish Academy of Music. Following his graduation, he joined Celtic Thunder.

There he became close with Keith Harkin and he has also performed with him.

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