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In 2003, his first of six years with the Chiefs, he was arrested for felony aggravated assault and misdemeanor domestic battery for waving a gun at his then-girlfriend during an argument at Johnson's home.The charges were eventually dropped when he agreed to participate in a domestic violence diversion program.The shoot is part of the NFLPA's "Your Body, Your Mind, Your Health" campaign, a growing effort to highlight the resources the players' union offers former players.Namely, the fact that whatever players need help with—from leaky roofs to mental illness—they can get it.

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Johnson—wearing a red bandana like a headband, blue slacks and a fitted blue henley unbuttoned down his chest—took a seat beside Portis, who wore a fitted pink polo shirt and light blue jeans. Johnson adjusted his seat and leaned over the table.They were here to talk about their minds and their mental health, and the way the producers had decided to get into that was to get them talking about their darkest times.Show people what they went through and how they survived.His third arrest came in February 2008, after allegedly pushing a woman's head at a nightclub and another in October of that year when he was charged with one count of non-aggravated assault for allegedly spitting a drink in a woman's face at a Kansas City nightclub.On October 5, 2012, Johnson was arrested again, this time in Las Vegas, for domestic violence charges that include strangulation and two years later on October 7, 2014, he was arrested for the sixth time after punching a man in a Miami Beach club and allegedly cutting him with a broken bottle.

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