Las lindas updating consolidating all school loans

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Updating on a different day this week due to taking yesterday off to celebrate Im a bit older than last year.

You will be able to contribute with questions for my Ask the High Prime blog directly here on Patreon. The best questions form my patrons will have preference and appear here first. You will be able to vote for the theme of a brand new illustration I'll produce every month!

The themes will range from cute and sexy to even NSFW.

Im happy that it was only a delay because I really loved this page.

No matter how much you choose to pledge, thank you. I hope to be comfortably living off of my comics and I will owe it all to you. Then I'll randomly pick someone from the stream and do a small sketch for that person live! Las Lindas Bonus Comics are our way of showing fans more of the Las Lindas universe.

The number of sketches is usually around three or four per stream. The current comic I'm focusing on is Knighthood, wich follows Joy Ravenhurst in her quest to become a Knight of the Prime Queendom. "Ask The High Prime" is a NSFW blog where you can ask Ambar, the super sexy world leader of Las Lindas, and lots of other Las Lindas characters whatever you want.

If you choose to pledge at this level, I want to recognize your contribution on every single page I do for helping me along. You’ll have access to the PSD files of the illustration of the month and other goodies! I have a webcomic I have been updating since 2004 called Las Lindas! I've always wanted to work my comics for a living, but at the same time I've always wanted Las Lindas to be free. I've recently had some changes in my life that make a monthly billing and reward system not work for me.

You will also have access to the high resolution files too, for your viewing pleasure. Your name or screen name will be featured on every single Las Lindas and Bonus Comic page as a sponsor in the credits.

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