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Pluto conjunct Moon can create a loner with intense healer-feeler talents, as might a Pluto Moon trine.

Pluto-Moon aspects can make one obsessive in love and even a bit violent and domineering in relationships, particularly when the aspect is a square or opposition.

If that air moon is in Libra, the sign of partnerships, the moon could mimic a Lunar Scorpio’s zeal for one-on-one bonding.

When Scorpio’s ruler Pluto is next to a person’s moon, that natal aspect can also can mimic a Scorpio Moon vibe.

A watery Cancer or Pisces Moon in the 8th house might feel more similar to a Lunar Stinger since these signs approximate the sensitive emotionalism of Scorpio.

Even so, these natives don’t give off a harsh, hard vibe they way sensitive Scorpio Suns do when they want to divert attention from their emotions.The Moon — the source of a person’s greatest needs — can never just settle for less. Scorpio Suns and Scorpio Moons might take a while to trust everyone else, but they trust each other instantly and instinctively, feeling at home….until the inevitable and mutual stings arise, creating the volatile love that is all too characteristic of a Scorpio Moon – Scorpio Sun matchup.An air moon in the 8th house is limited in feeling and only capable of superficial emotion.An 8th house location would surely direct that emotion toward Scorpio interests and Scorpio people, piquing an attraction to all kinds of secret, scandalous matters of sexuality, the taboo, and anything pertaining to the dark underbelly of Life.

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